Monday, July 19, 2010

501 Project

I started this project - to make all 501 quilt blocks from the book, 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins, about a month ago (June 2010).

 I wasn't sure what I was going to do with any of it except to use up scraps of fabric I've accumulated over the years and to hone my skills as a quilter.  I started quilting many years ago when my children were young.  I made quilts off and on over the years.  I've never taken a class.  Almost everything I know about quilting is from a book, trial and error, or from others.  I've just recently discovered you-tube and have learned a lot of new techniques.  Until recently, I'd never done the actual quilting by machine, only by hand.  So I'm learning 'stitch in the ditch', 'stipple', 'echo', and 'free motion'.  It certainly makes the quilting go much more quickly.  In this first post, I'm adding the photos of the blocks I've completed thus far. So here goes...

I've also created a couple of quilts and pillows from those blocks.  Here's the photos for those:

I've done two other quilts and one pillow also in this timeframe, though they're not part of this 'block project'.  These are their photos:

I joined in a 'block exchange' with an online group I belong to.  It is for a 'heart block'.  I experimented with many applique blocks before deciding on one.  Here are their photos and a sewing machine cover created with the test blocks:

And this is the latest quilt (from the blocks project).

These are the blocks I made in the past two days: I'm caught up. So let's go from here....


Mary L. said...

Wow, what a great project and you are certainly teaching yourself new things a warp speed! Love your blocks and projects.

Catswhiskers said...

what a lovely and inspirational selection of quilts, projects and blocks you have.
I really enjoyed browsing through your blog.
I am so inspired by you

Linda said...

I love the cat fabrics in the 4th and 5th pictures, and the pastel quilt and pillow near the bottom. You've really done a lot of blocks!

Kimbra said...

Those are great! I'm wanting to learn to machine quilt my projects. But I'm looking for someplace to ask questions. (Do I need a newer machine? What type of foot to use? Things like that) Do you have any suggestions?