Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purple Pinwheels

I loved working on this purple quilt top!  It's my granddaughter's and my favorite color.  I think she's going to love it.

I learned a fast and easy way to make pinwheels with this tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Co.  I couldn't wait to try it!

I plan to finish the top of Wild Girl's quilt this weekend.  Maybe even put the sandwich together and start quilting.  But tomorrow I'm going to visit my newest granddaughter.

Hope you had a good day.  Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things I've learned

I finished my first applique project.  And here it is:

Here's what I learned:
--I like back basted needle turn applique
--when quilting use a taller chair (or a pillow) and sit up straight
--don't lean on your forearms
--try to relax and don't hang onto your quilt for dear life
--turn your quilt as you go if that's easier
--use the Supreme Slider (especially if it's applied to your machine correctly) and tape the front edge
--stop and adjust your quilt and hands as many times as necessary
--don't try to do the whole quilt in one sitting, take frequent breaks
--don't be afraid to try new free motion quilting designs

Hope you have a good day.  Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leap of Faith

You saw the fabrics I bought yesterday.  Some were to finish Wild Girl's quilt and some were to start on Tina's quilt.  I wanted to wash them before using but only had so many quarters for the machines.  So... I tossed them all in together with 2 color catchers and held my breath.  See how beautiful they came out.  Not a trace of bleeding on any of the fabrics.

I also finished quilting the applique quilt and am putting on the binding.  Pictures tomorrow.

Hope you had a good day.  Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And so it goes...

I took the strip border off the top and bottom of Wild Girl's quilt.  I think I know what I want to do.  I just need to purchase some more fabric.  I appliqued her name across 5 of the blocks then put it away for now.  I sat around watching a couple of movies and thought maybe I should limit myself to a couple hours of 'quilting' per day but... I couldn't.  I attached the Supreme Slider to my machine and started echo quilting around the applique within each block on the applique quilt.  I've been really nervous about this because I've been afraid I'd mess it up but I'm reasonably happy with how it's coming out.  I've never done echo quilting before and at times it's a little tricky seeing where I'm going.  I'm used to turning the quilt which I'm not doing with this.  Although thinking about it, I may turn the quilt just to see if it helps me to do a better job.   About the Supreme Slider--thus far, I don't see a huge improvement with drag.  I'll have a better idea by the time I'm done with this quilt.

I've been 'designing' (in my mind) what I'd like to do for quilts for some of the other grandchildren.  I have two 50% off coupons for JoAnn's so now would be a good time to buy fabric.

Hope you're having a good day.  Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I just finished putting Wild Girl's quilt top together.  It measures 42.5 x 59.  The size seems good for a cuddle quilt but I'm not sure it looks finished.  I think I need to add some solid border to pull it all together.

At first glance, the quilt looks like it has no order but there really is.  The background fabric is a lilac butterfly pattern.  Starting at the top left there's a butterfly block, next row diagonal - 2 crumb blocks, then 3 dk. pink blocks, then 4 strip blocks (with blue), then 5 crumb blocks, then 5 pink blocks, 4 strip blocks (with dk. purple), 3 lt. purple blocks, 2 butterfly blocks, 1 crumb block.  I added a border top and bottom of 3 strips of pink, butterfly and purple repeat.  I'm thinking that may be too much.  Maybe I should take it off, put a solid border then add the strip border.  Or maybe just a solid border and call that quits.  Forgive me, I'm making this up as I go along.  What do you think?

Hope you're having a good weekend.  Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I have...

great respect for those who do hand-piecing.  I tried it this morning while I waited for my mother to have a test done.  In 2 hours I only managed to piece 21 half-square triangles.  At first, I tried winging it to do that 1/4 inch seam.  It was pretty pitiful looking.  When I started marking it, things went much better.  It did make time go by, but I think I'll stick with machine piecing.

( No matter which way I photograph them, it still doesn't look like much for the time invested)

Hope you had a good day.  Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010





Wild Girl did really well yesterday adding sashes to her blocks.  She pinned, sewed and pressed all by herself.  Really, I'm not kidding.  I was nearby but she pretty much didn't need me.  I cut the sashes a little larger than necessary so that we didn't have to be too concerned about that 1/4 inch seam.  I can trim as needed.  Seven years old?!  I'm impressed.

Today however was a different day.  Wild Girl tired after one block.  Bored I think.  We watched a little TV, went to Goodwill and to the store for ice cream.  Most of the day Wild Girl has been finger knitting (her older sister taught her) for her entire family (but that's a secret).  Here's a picture of her multi-tasking:

I spent some time making crumb fabric with the scraps from 'our' quilt. Making small blocks (4.5 in.) is more fun than these large ones (9 in.)!

Hope you had a good day!  Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandma....can we?

I was up at 5 this morning so I could get my shower before Wild Girl got up at 6.  We both normally sleep later but...  7am..."Grandma can we sew a quilt or something?"  Wild Girl got a chance to use the Accuquilt Go! to cut up squares for a quilt.  (Hers but she doesn't know it yet.)  She placed the squares with some other pieced blocks leftover from a quilt and pillow in the order she thought they might go.  We have to add some borders to our squares to make them as large as the pieced blocks.  Here's the one Erica sewed by herself (with coaching).

Notice the belt she also made.

Nana (my mother), Wild Girl and I went to visit with Uncle Tim, his wife and 2 week old baby, Lily. I forgot to take pictures of Wild Girl holding Lily.  I did however take one of Nana with her great-granddaughter.

I also had a chance to take some pictures of one of the earliest quilts I made.  This one is about 32 years old.  It's held up pretty well.  It's hand embroidered but some of the embroidery is pulled out and most of the quilt ties are missing.  I'm kinda surprised at how sentimental my son is about some of the things I made for him.  Very touching.  Here's some photos:

  It's been a busy day.

 "Grandma, after you get done with your computer stuff, can we crochet or something?"

Hope you're having a great day!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I found a way to keep Wild Girl entertained and get some designing done.  I bought a Fons & Porter design wall and mounted it tonight on the only wall available - the entry hall.  Wild Girl and I put up as many 4 inch pieced and crumb squares as we could.  I think it's something like 190 or thereabouts.  We took some pictures. Wild Girl took the first one.  I took the second.

The only way to get a good look at the wall is to do it from the bathroom.  Not ideal but better than the floor. Our plan now is to rearrange them so that certain fabrics aren't near each other.  She's having a grand time doing that.  We aren't able to put all the blocks up that we need so we'll have to place these where we want them then do the next batch.  I've decided it will be a shower curtain and I'll let Wild Girl make the final decision for the design.  It'll be our first quilting memory together.

Happily Quilting!


Aren't these fabrics just yummy?  Are there fabrics that you just HAVE to have?  This flowered (cherry blossoms?) one was it for me.  And I was really fortunate because I had a 40% off coupon.  So...I bought 4 yards!  Nice!

Wild Girl (or whatever we call her now) is coming to stay with me for a few days while Mom is away at 'the conference'.  I'm really looking forward to it.  We haven't had much time alone together.  I went grocery shopping for some of the things she likes and have been thinking of things we can do together.  So now I just have to wait.  They should be here in a couple of hours.  Do you wait well?

Don't know how much quilting I'll do over the next few days but I am working on a plan for a 'Star Wars' quilt for Luke.  I'd like to do a small quilt for all the grandchildren for Christmas but I don't know if that's really doable.  It might mean I have to put the 501 Project on the back burner for now.  Because I don't see the grandchildren that often it's hard for me to know what they like except for their favorite colors.  Maybe this week will help.  Wild Girl is pretty chatty so I can pump her for information.

Hope you're having a great day!  Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carried away ????

I think I may have gotten carried away with 4.5 inch squares.  I've been using my scraps to make crumb fabric and assembling hsts and 2.5 inch squares to make 4.5 inch squares.  I'm thinking I'd like to use them to make a shower curtain and to embellish bath towels.  I knew I needed quite a few (340) and didn't expect to have enough for quite awhile.  For kicks, I thought I'd count the squares I have so far to find out how many more I need to make.  As of this blog entry, I have 457 squares with enough hsts/sqs cut and scraps to make about that many again.  Having a great time!

I received the Supreme Slider yesterday so I don't really have an excuse now not to quilt the applique quilt.  But I want to be in the 'right' mood to do it.  So I've decided to start it on Monday.  That should give me enough time to get psyched.

Hope you're having a great weekend!  Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Practice, practice, practice

That's what I've done today.  Actually, I'm learning new skills too.  I wanted to learn how to 'quilt as you go' so I quilted two blocks that I had hanging around then stitched them together.  Then I went on to embellish them with decorative stitches.  To finish, I put on a binding.

left:  four patch   right:  Basket II

I also created this 'make it up as you go along'.  Can you guess what it is?

Change purse for Toll money

I was going to 'create' a billfold but I was too lazy and the squares I already had were a good size so....  This makes it more difficult to spend without knowing.

Hope you're having a great day!  Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half Square Triangles

I must be missing something or just blissfully ignorant but I don't have a problem with them.  I've pieced them lots of times in the 501 Project and I've now pieced a 'bunch' with the ones I cut with my Accuquilt.  That's what I worked on for part of yesterday.

Today I practiced quilting a Halloween square and bound it and then rebound it.  When will I ever learn to just go with the binding technique I know works?!

Free Trade grandson will be so proud of me...I finished the last Star Wars movie!  I talked with him on the phone today and told him that the last one was due in from Netflix today.  We talked a little about the others but he was very careful not to tell me what happened in this last one.  He's just learning to read and read a story to me over the phone.

Hope you had a good day!  Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daybook Day 2

For Today… Monday,  September 13, 2010

Outside My Window… the sky is grey (or is it gray?), threatening rain and the air is chilly.

I am thinking…warm weather may be close to an end but fall is really a great time here in NH.

I am thankful  for…being lucky enough to be able to do just what I want to do, when I want to do it.

From the kitchen…finish up those chocolate cookies then PAY ATTENTION TO MY DIET!  The pounds are starting to creep up.

I am wearing…a white tee-shirt with tan shorts and barefeet.

I am creating…nothing at the moment.  I’m waiting for the Supreme Slider before I do more quilting on the applique quilt.

I am going…to take it easy today.  My backache moved from my back to my left leg, aggravated by using the clutch in my standard car.  

I am reading…my magazines.  I subscribe to about 10 of them.  I’ve decided not to renew some of them.  Cooking Light is one I won’t renew.  A lot of the recipes are for salmon or shrimp and I don’t like either.  The truth is I’ve never  made anything from the magazine.

I am hoping…to be able to visit my new granddaughter one day this week.

I am hearing…my coffeepot brewing.

Around the house…my sewing area (kitchen ) is looking very disorganized.  I can’t stand it.  I need to neaten it up a bit.

One of my favorite things…is to read blogs to get ideas for quilts and other things (pincushions, pillows, pot holders etc.) to make.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Weekend…Oh!  Was I supposed to write this yesterday?  Oh well.

Here is the picture I am sharing… Ginger keeping my chair warm

If you want to peek into other's journal entries, go to Daybook.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've been doing all sorts of things to avoid quilting the applique quilt.  I put the sandwich together yesterday and have done a few test pieces for thread colors but I like this quilt so much, I'm afraid to quilt it.  I don't want to mess it up.  Here's where it sits:

For the past week or so I've been making crumb fabric squares.  They're so interesting looking and I've been anxious to start using a few.  My original plan for this first piece was to make a bag, but I changed my mind after piecing the top.  I made it into a table topper and stitched in the ditch.  That was interesting!  You really have to pay attention to figure out which ditch to stitch in.  It also gave me more practice with binding.  I like the way it turned out.

It's actually more interesting than the picture shows.  I also made a new TV control holder.

Hope you're having a great day!  Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This and That

Yesterday was a day of a little of this and a little of that.  I put the final border on the applique quilt top, washed it and set it out to dry.  Today, I plan to starch, iron and make the quilt sandwich.

I pieced two more blocks for the 501 Project:

left:  Hazy Daisy    right:  Gentleman's Fancy

I auditioned and chose fabric for sashes and borders for the brown & white blocks:

It's a small maroon print for the sashes and maroon solid for the borders.  I don't have enough of either to get started so I won't move forward with this until I get to JoAnn's to purchase more.

And. lastly..I made 13 more crumb blocks and spent some time testing my 1/4 inch seams.

As you can see, it was a busy day.

Hope you have a great day!  Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

No quilting today

I drove down (an hour away) to see my new granddaughter.  What a cutie!  Here's a couple pictures with mom & dad.

Lily 1 day old

Tim (dad) and Lily
Tim (dad), Danielle (mom) & Lily

I forgot to have them take photos of me with Lily but I did hold her for the whole visit and fed her.  She's so tiny and sweet.

Hope your day was enjoyable too!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday...

My new granddaughter was born today--6 lbs 15 oz - 19 inches long - Lilian Paige  She's my son's first child.  Very exciting for everyone!  Can't wait to meet her!

I worked today on the September BOM blocks.  The project is set up to learn new skills each month.  One block is offered as well as 3 other variations.  I chose to do all 4 (of course!).  Here's a photo of them:

top left:  9 patch    top right:  Shoo Fly    bottom left:  Churn Dash    bottom right:  Calico Puzzle

I chose these fall harvest colors because the project will be done next year in time for fall.  (pretty good planning on my part huh?)  Plus I fell in love with the colors when I saw them.

Have a great day!  Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Why is it that the day I decide to go out to the camp to do some cleaning etc. the sun isn't shining?  I guess that's okay.  I won't be tempted to spend all my time at the beach.

I've found a new aspect to quilting that I'm loving.  I've been making 'crumb' fabric.  I tried it once before but didn't understand that all the sewing had to be straight lines.  It's a great way to use scraps.  I've cut the squares to 4 1/2 inches on my GO! so that they can be added to my scrap quilt.  (a long term project).  Here's where I started:

Here's some of what I ended up with:

It's time consuming but it is fun.  But in cutting up the larger scraps, my smaller scrap pile grew.  Funny how that happens!

I bought, washed and ironed the fabric I need for a BOM I signed up for and for pillowcases for the grandchildren.  Of course I bought extra of each fabric so my 'stash' will grow.  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Something new (to me)

There's a blog where women are encouraged to journal reflecting on the simpler things in life.  Today is my first day so here goes:

For Today… September 6, 2010
Outside My Window…the sun is shining brightly and there's a gentle breeze
I am thinking…that fall is almost here
I am thankful  for…a cooler day
From the kitchen...I'm making my favorite chocolate cookies
I am wearing…shorts and a tee shirt (as usual)
I am creating…an applique quilt
I am going…to watch Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back so I can converse with my grandson
I am reading…mostly blogs
I am hoping…to get out to camp in the next day or so
I am hearing…traffic drive by
Around the house…there's a lot of tiny fabric pieces and lint from making 'crumb' fabric
One of my favorite things…is watching movies
A Few Plans for the Rest of the Weekend…spend some time planning for Christmas presents, wash some fabrics, enjoy the day
Here is the picture I am sharing…

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Binding Done

Now that the binding is done, I can show you the 'Christmas Quilt'.  I've lost some of the pattern in the blocks because I didn't use enough contrast in the greens, but it's colorful.

top left:  Picket Fence    top right:  Crockett Cabin    middle left:  Old Maid's Puzzle    middle right:  Light and Shadow    bottom left:  The Comfort Quilt    bottom right:  New Album
Not sure what's on the agenda today.  I intended to go out to the camp to continue cleaning but I did too much yesterday and am paying for it today.  My back is screaming!  Why is that when it hurts to stoop that you keep dropping things?  Anyway enough bellyaching.  I think I'll pick easy things to do.  I can't just sit around and do nothing.

Have a great day!  Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too Funny!

I can't keep this to myself.  Enjoy!

Youtube - Jeanne Robertson



To Corey's camp that is.  She and her husband just bought a camp and they're up visiting for the day so we all went out.  The kids went swimming while Corey and I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  There's a lot more to do but it looks better already.  I'm going out tomorrow to do some more.  They gave me the key since I live the closest.  (we joked about it being my camp!)

It seems as though I've been sewing all week but I only have a partial lap quilt to show for it.  It took two days to quilt it.  I quilted an all-over design this time.  I tried a new technique for adding the binding - disaster!  Not only did it take way longer to do but I hated the look of it.  Spent the entire next day 'unsewing' it and starting again.  I'm hand sewing the back this time.  It takes longer but I really like the look of it the best.  I've tried 3 different techniques for machine sewing it but I'm not really happy with any of them.  Here's the WIP:

Guess what arrived yesterday:  Accuquilt GO!

I've seen so many giveaways and heard so much about it, I said the heck with it and bought my own.  The starter version comes with 12 different die(s)??.  They're all pretty much what I use in my 501 Block Project.    I spent some time yesterday cutting up my scraps practicing.  It's not quite as easy to turn as you'd think but I think most of my problem is that I'm trying to cut too many pieces at once.  I'm sure I'll find a happy medium.

Hope you're all having a great holiday weekend!  Happy Quilting!