Tuesday, August 16, 2011

15 Minute Challenge

And...some new software.  I asked a few people what software they use to create interesting reports.  Kate of Life in Pieces recommended Scrapbook Factory Deluxe.  I received it a couple days ago but haven't had much time to try it out.  I've played around with it a little bit now and here's what I came up with for this week.

Ain't she pretty?  It took much more than 15 minutes.  Learning curve and all that.  Perhaps I should have added this to the list...

To see how others have done on their challenge, visit our host, Kate at Life in Pieces.

Hope you have a good day.


SpinningStar said...

Nice looking report and I was also wondering what program Kate was using to make that little boxed report. Since I am learning EQ7, I am including that computer time as time spent. I do try to get some actual sewing time in since one can't be at the computer all of the time!

Larissa said...

What a lovely looking report layout!!
Four out of Seven days - what a great effort!!! Congratulations on your achievements this week!

Marti said...

LOL, I WOULD have added the learning time to my report. But it looks great. If I weren't so lazy, I'd go do that too.

Shay said...

I think you should have added it to the report...it's creative and relates to sewing! It's also very pretty.

Looks like you're powering along with those hexies. Im about to start doing some of those (finally!)

Kate said...

The 4 out of 7 days is really good considering you've been working on your new "camp". Like the new report. Scrapbook Factory is a lot of fun to use, once you learn how to navigate all the functions. You can also waste a lot of time playing with it! Thanks for linking up this week.