Monday, August 22, 2011

A few days at camp

I'm back from a couple days at the camp.  I've started clearing brush for a flower bed on the side hill.  There used to be one there but it's now overgrown with blackberry bushes, weeds and such.  I'm hoping to get it cleaned off this fall and ready for planting in the spring.

On Saturday, I had my first experience with cutting plexiglass.  There were four windows that needed to have the glass replaced due to rock damage.  I decided to replace it with plexiglass.  I read some instructions online and was confident I could handle it.  However I didn't buy a plexiglass cutter but used a utility knife instead.  And I didn't clamp the straight edge and plexiglass to the table.  I pretty much did my own thing.  Needless to say that first one was pretty misshapen.  So Sunday morning I headed off to the hardware store and purchased the Flex-o-Glaze Cutter for $3.99.  Could something so cheap really work?  Yes indeed!  I measured, clamped, cut and snapped the most beautiful pieces of plexiglass window shapes.  It was so much fun to see the final result that I kinda wished I had more to cut.  I have a pretty big piece left over for any future broken windows.  I got all the broken window glass replaced and cleaned up without injury.  Good job!  Yay!

I wish I'd thought to take before and after pictures.  Next time...

To relax, I worked some on my Grandmother's Flower Garden and resumed cross stitching a pillowcase that I started about five years ago.  Here's a portion.

Don't look too closely.  My embroidery isn't the best.  But I do enjoy the hand work.

Hope you've had a few good days too.


Linda said...

Aren't you proud of yourself? I have learned (since we have remodeled, restored, or renovated every house we've ever owned) how to do so much that I never thought I could do! And one big lesson I learned is that "You need the right tool for the job!" It makes all the difference in the world!!!
Love the embroidery!

Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing some updated pictures of your camp. It sounds like you are making lots of progress.