Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foto Finish - Favorite Places

Without a doubt, my all-time favorite place is Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Our family spent two weeks every summer for 20+ years at the Twin Shores Campground in Darnley.  I have a lot of pictures of the kids (now 39 and 35) but this one is the best showing the dunes and beach.  Our campsite was just at the edge of the dunes so we had this great view.

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Hope you're having a good day.


Barbara said...

I've never been there but my parents liked it very much when they visited. Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

Colleen said...

I would love to go visit there. It looks lovely.

MareeR said...

Time spent by the ocean always brings back great memories. I am lucky enough to have always lived close to the sea.

Kate said...

Beautiful place. We used to visit the beach a lot when we lived in TX, but we never camped on the beach. That would be so cool to go to sleep hearing the surf.

quiltzyx said...

Going to Canada is on my list of places I want to see. Pictures like this only make me want to more!
Thanks for sharing!