Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next time...

I choose a pattern to machine quilt, I'm going to have to give some serious thought to something simpler or quilt larger.  I've started quilting the next section on the Brown/Tan/Green quilt with the Paisley design I used on the first section.  I love the look of it but I've only been quilting 15-30 minutes a day so progress is slow.  Today, I wanted to work on the 501 Project and didn't want to tear it all down so I set up my old machine to piece with.  I replaced the machine last summer when I first started machine quilting because the stress caused the motor to overheat.   Intermittent sewing doesn't seem to be a problem.

Here are the two blocks I finished today:

Duck's Foot

Eddystone Light

I've been making green blocks to add to the Brown/Tan/Green quilt but I think they'd make a nice quilt on their own.  Hmmm....

Hope you had a good day.

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