Monday, August 15, 2011

Silent Auction

Items donated by readers of  Watching the Waters (my daughter, Corey) will be auctioned off with all proceeds going into the Orlando Scholarship Fund.  These scholarships will help moms of attachment-challenged kids attend the 3rd Annual Early Trauma and Attachment Meeting in Orlando in March 2012.

I've donated the pink/green quilt hereby known as the 'Green Apples' quilt and eight origami bags.  Other items in the auction include jewelry, quilts, books, shortbread, gift certificates and more.  This auction goes from now until August 25th. 

To find out more, click on the Watching the Waters link above or the auction button to the right of this post.

In other news....I'm back from the camp after spending four days, cleaning, painting and laying tile with the occasional visit to the beach, a little reading, watching videos and sewing on my grandmother's flower garden. I'm hoping to cut out a few blocks for the 501 Project and take them and my old sewing machine along when I head back up there on Thursday.  

Hope you have a good day.

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