Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Project?

You can never have too many, right?  Over the winter I want to make a quilt for my bed at the camp.  I want to use my scraps (and I have a lot) to make it.  I made up some 8 inch blocks of fabric and used those and the cutting instructions for a 501 block to make my first block.

From This:

To This:
Hovering Hawks

The block certainly has the scrappy look however it does lose some of its translation for the design of the block.  Under normal circumstances the scrappy parts would have been a dark fabric, with the solid blue being the lighter color.  I'll have to give this quilt some thought.  I may be better off to just make 8 inch blocks of my scraps and sew those together to create the quilt.  I think I prefer the 501 blocks look as they should.

Hope you have a good day.


Kate said...

I like both sets of blocks, but maybe the top ones just a bit more. That blue you've used for the triangles would be pretty as sashing for those top blocks. Looking forward to seeing what you finally work up on this one.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love them both...look forward to seeing what the quilt is going to look like! The top one is my fav,,,

Carolyn :)