Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I took my white Grandmother's Flower Garden to camp with me this weekend with the intention of attaching more white steppingstones.  Good idea....but I forgot the steppingstones.  So I sorted the scraps I'd brought last week and worked on making fabric. Why do I do this?  That's a very good question.  It's very time consuming and not really a good use of my time but I do like the randomness of it.  Here's what I completed:

Progress on the camp continues.  I've plugged up all the possible points of entry for miscellaneous critters.  However, I was awoken a number of times last night by 'something' in the attic....and it sounds BIG.  I checked outside to see if there was any way that a larger animal could gain entry to the attic but can't find one.  It's possible it's just a chipmunk or squirrel setting up housekeeping for the winter.  I'm too chicken to go up into the attic to find out...and I don't have a ladder.  Perhaps some other day.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Scary what it could be! :( Chipmucks are cute though----outside that is!!!!

Love the blocks you made with what you had with you!


Stray Stitches said...

I hate things that go bump in the night.
Great blocks!!