Friday, November 4, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #46

This week's theme from I am the diva was 'All Hallow's Eve'.  This is my entry:

Challenge #46 All Hallow's Eve

Poor thing!  It looks like she has duck feet.  Starting this coming week, I'm going to try to incorporate some new tangles.  It'll take a little more time but I think I'll be happier with the results.  My drawings are looking pretty samo-o, same-o to me.  To see other entries for this week's challenge, visit I am the diva.

Yesterday, while visiting my daughter, I was able to attach the quillow pockets to the grandchildren's quilts.   It took us some practice to master folding them.

I think the feature they like the best is that they have a place to tuck their feet so they don't become uncovered.

I also finished this embroidery.  I got the free pattern from They have quite a few free patterns to try.  I've finished a few others but I used variegated floss in some areas and am not happy with the result.  I plan to do a little unsewing.

Hope you have a good day.


Jay said...

Very cute!!! Love the little witch!

thea said...

Those quillow pockets are really cool. and your embroidery looks good to me .. I'm thinking about joining in on the embroidery thing. But just thinking right now.

Kate said...

"Wicked" looking witch! Love the embroidery, so very cute.