Friday, December 23, 2011

Adding Color

I use a Sakura Micron Pigma 01 black pen to draw my zentangles/zia.  I tried to buy one at Michael's but couldn't find one.  I chose a similar pen but after I got it home, realized that it was blue.  I checked online for the Sakura pen and found what I needed but the shipping was just CRAZY.  After some frustration, I thought I remembered that JoAnn's carried them.  I checked and bought the last two.  And with coupons, they were an amazing price.

I downloaded another mandala pattern from to use for my tangling.  I started out with the black pen but the patterns got so dense, that I used the blue to spice it up a bit and then added some shading with blue pencil.  It kinda took on a life of its own.  The whole thing reminds me of bristle hair curlers, barrettes and rubber bands.  Or maybe those Chinese finger puzzle things.  Any other ideas?

Hope you have a good day.



Jay said...

What a cool website to get mandalas!! thanks...and I love what you did with yours!

Kate said...

Very nice. I like the touch of blue.