Thursday, December 22, 2011

In my haste...

I was hoping to cut and sew another block on the 501 Project before I had to leave to babysit on Tuesday.  And I did.  But in my haste, I didn't pay attention to the cutting instructions and ended up with 2 blocks.  The block was originally supposed to be a two fabric block but I ran out of fabric, so I used the third fabric that I used in the other blocks.  It's a rather interesting block on its own but when I put the two close together, it shows that it would make a very cool quilt - flip the blocks, other fabrics, more fabrics - imagine the possibilities.

Chain and Hourglass

My mother is coming for Christmas Eve dinner and I didn't have any placemats so I made a couple and some napkins.  The placemats are reversible.

Hope you have a good day.


Kate said...

Definietly a lot of possibilities with that block.

Love the placemats!

sunny said...

Cool blocks! And your placemats turned out very nice. I wish I was that efficient! Enjoy dinner with your mum.