Monday, December 19, 2011

New project

As I was sitting around reading blogs yesterday, I was trying to decide what project to work on...501 Project, zentangle, crochet, wrap presents, cook.....  What did I decide on?  None of the above.  I've been wanting a new apron made similar to an apron, decorated by my grandchildren, given to me years ago.  But I wanted this to be a 'winter' apron.

I found two winter prints in my stash and some red fabric to go with it.  I wanted the top portion of the apron to be of the print with the lower portion being red and I wanted it reversible.  Not a problem.  I pieced the fabric for both sides then laid the old apron on right side of one piece of fabric and cut out around it leaving a seam allowance.  Then I laid the cut apron right sides together with the other piece of fabric and cut to size.  Sheer luck at this point and I'll tell you why in a bit.  Then I created the ties for the neck and waist and set them in the seam between the front and back apron pieces.  Then I sewed around the apron leaving a space for turning.  Then I turned, pressed, closed seam and top stitched.  The old apron had a one piece pocket sewn down the middle making it into two pockets.  I've never used the pocket but I wanted something to balance the look of the apron.  So I cut a pocket sized piece of fabric and used Heat and Bond to attach it to the front and another for the back.  Then I did a blanket stitch around and sewed a seam down the middle so it'd look like a pocket.  Then I tried to find a way to take pictures.  At first I tied it around a pillow sitting on a chair.  I didn't like how it looked.  Here's what I came up with:

Then I folded it to put it away and discovered something.  The apron was wider from the center on one edge than the other. I never noticed this before because I always hang my old apron from the neck ties.  I'm not sure why it's made that way.  Maybe it's so there's some overlap in back.  Not a problem for doesn't have a chance in the world of meeting.  Now for the part where I lucked out.  Because I cut the pieces out right sides of the fabric together, the front and back matched perfectly..

Next time, I'll probably cut the front and back of the apron from a single fabric each.  I don't really care for the pieced look.  I'll cut center to edges the same width and I'll probably add two single pockets, in contrasting colors, to the front and back of the apron, even though I don't expect to use them.

There may be easier ways to make an apron but this worked okay for me.

Hope you have a good day.



Kate said...

Very cool apron. That's weird about it being wider on one side than the other.

Joanie's Quilts said...

Aprons must be coming back with a vengeance. I made a couple this past weekend. Yours is very cute! There is a lady at the Farmers Market here in Charlotte who sells lots of aprons!