Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Monochromatic Challenge - Orange

A deadline is a great motivator.  When I checked the calendar this morning I was surprised to see that it was the last day of April.  What did that mean?  It meant I had today to get my Monochromatic Challenge project done.  Done?  I hadn't even started.  I didn't even know what to do.  Lucky for me, I had some orange fabric.  So I thought I'd do something easy.  I cut, bonded and machine appliqued some flowers onto a piece of white fabric.  At first I thought I'd just finish the edges and call it a napkin or doily.  But that didn't seem like enough.  Not in comparison to some of the projects I've seen in past months.  So I put a border around it, thinking that I'd turn it into a wall hanging.  But I didn't really feel like quilting today.  I could have turned it into a pillow but orange is really not in my color scheme.  So, knowing that a woman can never have too many bags, that's what I turned it into.   The first photo is the bag empty and before I stitched the bottom so that it's flat.  The next photo is the bag finished and filled.

I forgot to take a photo of the back but it's the same solid orange as the sides and handles.  I made the bag with a recipient in mind but I can't say who that is.

Hope you've had a productive day too!

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--  Pat  --

Foto Finish - Wildlife

When my granddaughter and I were out on our walk the other day, we not only took photos of flowers but also of some of the wildlife we saw.

  This little mallard fellow greeted me as I drove in that morning.

This mallard couple swam swiftly away as we approached that part of the lake.

I'm not sure if these are loons or not.  I couldn't get close enough to see if the coloring was right but from the shape of the head and beak, I think that's what they are.

This heron was the best find of all.  

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Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seeing with new eyes

Last week, after seven years, I broke down and had my eyes checked.  I've had bifocal glasses for about 10 years but I only wear them for driving.  I wear magnifying glasses for sewing, reading, whatever involves close work.  The rest of the time, I go without.  I've never liked wearing glasses.  Not for vanity reasons but because they often give me a headache between my eyes.  I'm sure with time, I'll get used to them.  Anyway, these are the glasses I purchased.

Anne Klein AK9120 

I just got them today and yes, they are purple but not nearly as noticeable as in the photo.  I love the way they look.  Now all I have to do is get used to wearing them.  The optometrist said I may still need the magnifying glasses for close work since progressive lenses have such a narrow window to see through.  I am finding that if I try reading with them, I can see quite clearly if I look directly ahead but the edges appear a little fuzzy.

Over the past few days, we've finally begun to have some warmer weather.  Not necessarily dry but promising just the same.  I've taken a few pictures.  Some in NH but most about 50 miles south in MA.  Enjoy!

My granddaughter and I took a nice long walk yesterday shooting these then we lounged on the porch watching the birds and enjoying the day.

Hope you had a good day too.

--  Pat  --

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Going Vegetarian (Vegan?)

I watched a movie the other day on Netflix, 'Change your food, Change your life' by Jill Ovnik (Vegan Gal) and have decided to give vegetarian a try.  Actually closer to vegan.  I don't think it'll be too difficult since I don't eat much meat, eggs or milk.  So far, the transition has been pretty easy.  I've ordered a number of vegetarian/vegan cookbooks and have been scouring the internet for anything related.   I've tried some of the recipes on Vegan Gal's website and they've been pretty good.

the veggies in goulash
 I'm learning though that I may need to cut some of the recipes in half.  Five days eating one recipe is just too much.  So I've been freezing some of the extra.   It'll come in handy on those days I don't feel like cooking.   I've also done a lot of shopping and label reading.  I've always read labels but more for calories, fat, carbs, protein, never for what's actually in the product.  I'm finding it very interesting.

Did you know that you can buy used books for as little as $.01 on Amazon?  That's what I paid for one of the used books.  Postage was $3.99.  I bought a total of six books, which including postage, cost about $34.  The books were listed as used, good condition but the two that have arrived are definitely new condition.  The new price for each of the two books is $14.95.  I'm planning to buy used on future purchases.  I know I can get just about any vegetarian recipe I want on the internet but I really enjoy flipping through cookbooks.  I've picked out 6 recipes I want to try next, and in what order, so that leftovers can be incorporated.

I put my sewing machine and related stuff back in the bedroom.  It has been on the kitchen table since last summer.  I got tired of all the clutter plus I need the space for cooking.  I may not be sewing as much as I have been, since the machine's not in my face.  But that's okay.  I want to concentrate my efforts on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Monday, April 18, 2011

About me...

I got this cute 'About Me ABC's' from Linda at Stray Stitches, who got it from Wendy at Why Knot?, who got it from Tiff at Folded Gingham (who told 3 people and they told 3 people....).  Anyway, I thought it was a great way to share a little bit about myself.  Here goes...  


About Me ABC's

Age: 57   Bed Size: Queen Sleigh bed  Chore You Hate: (only one?) Defrosting the refrigerator   Dog: Ginger, red toy poodle   Essential Start of Your Day: COFFEE   Favorite Color: Purple   Gold or Silver: Silver   Height: 5'3"   Instruments You Play: None    Job Title: Grandma   Kids: 2   Live:NH    Mom's Name: Ethel   Nicknames: Pat   Overnight Hospital Stays: 2 babies   Pet Peeve: Lying   Quote From a Movie: "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!" (It's a Wonderful Life!)  Right- or Left-Handed: Right   Siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers - all younger  Time You Wake Up: Depends-between 5:45 am and 8:00 am   Underwear: Yes   Veggie You Dislike:  Kale   What Makes You Run Late: I don't often run late but the last time I was, the roads were treacherous - sleet & freezing rain   X-Rays You Have Had: dental, wrist, mammogram   Yummy Food You Make: Chinese Salad   Zoo Animal You Like Best: Gorilla

Look what I received in the mail today. 

 It's the book I won from Staci, theconfusedquilter, in a giveaway she had not too long ago.  I love this book.  I want to live there.  Staci is having another giveaway.  It's her one year blogaversary!  Check out her blog for details.

I'm going down to MA tomorrow to pick up Little Girl to come stay overnight with me.  We're going to visit with Nana (great-grandmother) and Aunt Corey.  They haven't seen her in awhile.  They're going to be so surprised how much she's grown.

Hope you have a good day. 

--  Pat  --

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's getting there

After 2 weeks, I've completed another 'round' on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I've taken some pictures to show my progress.  The first shows how large it is in comparison to the bed.  The second is a close-up of the garden itself.

Grandmother's Flower Garden 4-15-11

Grandmother's Flower Garden 4-15-11
My next step is to start 'squaring' it off.  As I've been sewing, I've been thinking of other ways I can do the garden.  So today I played with ideas using EQ7.  I imported a few flowers from the 'real garden' to give a general idea.

And on and on.....I had to force myself to stop playing.  The possibilities are endless.  Using EQ7 is almost as much fun as actually making the quilt.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

--  Pat  --

Foto Finish - Blooming Trees

I searched and searched all my photos and took my camera with me everywhere I went this week but I couldn't find a single blooming tree or bush.  It's still early here in NH.  Give it a week or two and things should really begin to bloom.  So I figured I'd just create my own version of 'Blooming Trees'.  Here it is:

Pink and Purple Lilacs

I hope spring is beginning to show its true colors in your area.  To see other blooming trees, go to Cat Patches, Foto Finish.

Have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Friday, April 15, 2011

Challenge #17 - 15 Mins of Fame

This week's challenge from Laura Harms, I am the diva, was to create our Zentangle/ZIA within 15 minutes.  When Rick and Maria founded Zentangle they decided that the official size tile would be 3.5 in x 3.5 in.  They thought that it could be finished within 15 minutes.  Before now, I've never finished one in 15 minutes.

Here's how the challenge went:

Take #1 -  Check time, draw dots/string, check time, draw 'florz', embellish, check time, draw 'scallops', color, check time, draw 'printemps', check time, notice incomplete 'florz', draw ovals, check time  - oops! out of time.  See unfinished (approx. 3x3 inch)

Take #2:

Check time, draw dots/string, draw some ovals, this is boring, draw ovals in other direction, color, check time, draw 'lacy', start coloring, check time, color some more, wish I had a larger tipped pen, check time, color faster, check time - oops! out of time.  See unfinished - approx. 2.5 x 2.5 inch:

Take #3:

Research tangles to use.  Choose simple without much coloring.  Check time.  Draw 'linkd', check time, draw 'intersection', color, check time.  Still time left.  Color in chain.  Check time - 15 minutes on the dot.  Finished! (approx. 3 x 3 inch)

This 15 minute challenge was the least relaxing of all.  It was not at all 'zenlike'.  But it was an interesting challenge.  However, I much prefer my method - 'tangle 'til you don't want to tangle no more'

Hope you had a good day!

--  Pat  --

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


You're not going to believe it but yesterday I didn't do anything quilting or zentangling related.  I spent part of the day on iGoogle creating a home page with things that interest me and catching up on reading my magazines.  But most of the day was spent getting set up to follow a calorie count eating plan.  I quit Weight Watchers yesterday.  I just cannot lose weight on their new PointsPlus program.  And logically, I don't see how a person can eat all the food they expect you to eat and still lose weight.  I've faithfully followed the program for the past four weeks, lost one pound then gained it back the next week.  I know that counting calories works.  Calories in/calories out and all that.  It's crazy and not necessarily permanent but between yesterday and today I've lost 1.4 pounds.  I'm told you shouldn't weigh yourself every day but I do because it's the only way to keep myself on track.  I'm determined to lose the weight I gained back since last summer.  I'm making progress with my rowing machine routine.

On Saturday, I sewed white hexagons to my Grandmother's Flower Garden until I ran out.  I spent the rest of the day sewing more white hexagons.

Friday night, I took pictures of some of the blocks I've made then cropped and imported them into EQ7 and dropped them into a quilt format.  Here's a sample of the quilt I might make with them:

I think I have to add another row or two to get the size I want.

Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Foto Finish - Family

As I've mentioned before in my blog, my daughter and son and their families all live within 1 hour of me for the first time in a very long time.  This has been very exciting for me.  Especially since September when our newest addition came along.  'Little girl' is growing by leaps and bounds and so much fun to take care of.  Here are a couple photos I took this week.

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Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Challenge #16 Mooka

The Zentangle/ZIA challenge this week from I am the diva was to try out the new tangle 'Mooka' by Rick and Maria of  You won't believe the number of times I've tried this tangle this week.  It was so frustrating for me.  I kept trying to get the 'flowiness' (is that a word?).  Finally I did one that I'm not embarrassed to show.

 Hope you're having a good day.

--  Pat  --

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Flower Wednesday

Actually today is Tuesday.  I'm jumping the gun on One Flower Wednesday.  I've sewn another round of flowers to my Grandmother's Flower Garden and am in the process of adding the white hexagons in between.  I should have a picture of my progress next week.  Today, I sewed together two more hex flowers in between babysitting, watching Stargate Atlantis and cheering on a Wii Baseball Team.  I don't know which I enjoyed the most.  A good day all around.

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Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Monday, Monday

Fooled you.  It's really Tuesday.  But here's what I worked on yesterday on the 501 Project.

top:  Carrie Nation    middle:  Bears Paw    bottom:  Country Lanes

Hope you had a good day.

--  Pat  --

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Foto Finish - Macro

I wasn't exactly sure what a macro in photography was but basically it's a closeup.  I don't normally do closeups but I do have a few from summer 2008.  That year, my balcony was loaded with flowers and butterflies.  Here are my photos:

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Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --

Friday, April 1, 2011

Love Your Curves, Baby!

That's the theme for this week's Zentangle/ZIA Challenge #15 from Laura Harms, I am the diva,  I had a lot of fun with this one.  We were to use only curved lines.  The following are just a sampling of what I've done.  Enjoy!

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Hope you have a good day.

--  Pat  --