Saturday, January 21, 2012

House Fever

An illness?  More like an addiction.  I've been reading about some bloggers who've committed to sewing a house block a day for a year.   At the end of the year, they'll use the blocks to make a quilt.  I can't remember which blogger is hosting the project.  I've always liked the look of house blocks however I don't want to make such a long commitment.  But that didn't stop me from paper piecing four house blocks.  I like how they turned out but I think next time I'll make them in a variety of colors and fabrics and maybe some different style houses.

Hope you have a good day.


sunny said...

Cute houses! I actually like that you did them all the same. You could make a few more batches and make each batch different, and then mix them all together! I love the idea of the 366 houses, but I know I wouldn't get very far with actually making them. Have fun.

Jay said...

Love your houses!! And want to thank you for the lovely quilt hanging, zentangle, and snowflakes that I received in the mail today!!! What a wonderful surprise!!! Did you make the snowflakes too??? I love them!!!

Kate said...

Very cute houses. That's one of the blocks/quilts that's on my to do list.