Sunday, February 5, 2012

From Scratch

I'm one of those people who likes to do things from scratch.  Years ago I wanted a handspun, handknit wool sweater but didn't want to pay the price.  After all, I can knit.  So we remodeled the barn, bought some sheep, bred them, bought a drum carder and a spinning wheel.  In the spring we had the sheep sheared then I washed, picked and carded the wool then spun it into yarn.  THEN, I knitted the sweater(s).  We won't talk about just how much those sweaters cost.  But it was the process that I loved.  And of course, later we bought a weaving loom so I could weave my own cloth, blankets and rugs from my own sheep's wool.  But that's another story.

My latest 'from scratch' craft is making paper.  I bought a little paper making kit and made my first four pieces yesterday.  Today I made six more.  Very cool.

Then using My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software, I made three cards.  I can only show you the fronts because they're personalized inside and I don't want the recipients to see ahead of time.  It only took about 3 hours to create the cards and configure the settings to print them.

Cost savings?  Time savings?  Not so much but a lot of satisfaction.

Hope you had a good day.


sunny said...

Wow - that's taking homespun sweaters to the max! It's wonderful that you were able to do that. Your cards are very cute.

Jay said...

I am totally impressed!!! Do you still have sheep etc.?
Love the paper...I've always thought that would be a fun project...making your own.

libbyquilter said...

the cards are very cute.
i've always wanted to make my own paper and just haven't quite gotten around to it . . . someday.


Quiltingranny said...

My granddaughters love making their own paper as well. It is never the same. Stop by my blog Pat I am having a short and sweet giveaway:

Kate said...

You started with the sheep? That's quite an undertaking. Very impressive!

Love your cards. I've made my own cards, but never my own paper. Very cool idea.