Friday, February 3, 2012

Zentangle Challenge #56

This week's challenge from the diva is one we've had before - tangling with our non-dominant hand.  It was as much of a challenge this time as it was the last time I tried it.  I tried tangling with my left hand for three days in a row.  Here are the results:

I was going to say that the hardest part to draw was lines, circles and shading but that would mean that the whole thing was hard to do.  Oh yeah!  It was.  I really had to concentrate and remind myself not to change hands.  To see how others did with the challenge, visit I am the diva

My follower, Marti of The Next Fifty Years, received the wall hanging I made her so I can show it to you now.

I tried to include things in the wallhanging that she either mentioned to me or that I gleaned from her blog - her crazy cat, fish, apple trees and that she loves to do projects around the house.  And I guess I hit the color scheme right on the nose.  I'm so happy!

I'll be contacting the next follower, chosen by random number generator, shortly to get ideas so I can design something just for her.

This month's Free Motion Quilting Challenge sponsored by SewCalGal is Echo Feather Plum by Diane Gaudynski.  I didn't have time to do much more than read the instructions once through.  I'm not really working on a project right now and that's how I usually like to practice so I didn't expect to try it out so soon.  But yesterday as I was hand quilting a block, I realized that feathers would work best for the center of the block.  I tried hand quilting it but wasn't get the effect I wanted so I free motion quilted it.  It's not an elegant feather plume as shown by Diane but this works okay for this application.  It gave me a chance to see what areas I need to work on.  I drew it on in chalk and followed the lines to get a feel for the technique.  Here's my first attempt.

I'm not going to link up with SewCalGal until I've done a lot more practice but if you want to see other's feathers, take a look here.

Hope you had a good day.


Marti said...

Oh yes, you did get it just right. It's like you could look right through the computer.

I love that block. Can't believe it's FMQ. It's fantastic!

Jay said...

Your free motion quilting is really getting good!!! I am afraid that is one challenge I have given up for now...takes more time than I have right now; I do hope to pick it up in the future.

Kate said...

Even if the zentangles aren't perfect, just think of all those new connections you established in your brain by making your left hand work.

Very pretty wall hanging. Love the cat and the fish, very cute.

Great feather stitching too.

Susan said...

I kept wanting to change hands too...yours turned our great! LOVE your quilting! I have two quilts that I've started (lap quilts) hand quilting, then had to have surgery on my right thumb and never got back to them. I sure would love to finish them, too! Wish I knew how to machine quilt..tried it one time without great success!