Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm one of those people who avoids commitment.  It's not that I'm lazy.  I like to keep busy with multiple projects and usually short-term because I need 'instant' gratification.  The 501 Project is a long term commitment.  But lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with the project and wonder why in the world I took it on.  I just haven't wanted to work on it.  I tentatively set a deadline to finish sometime in 2014.  That gives me plenty of time to do other stuff too.  This morning I was feeling guilty and pressured because I haven't worked on the project in a week or so.  But I talked myself down by recognizing that it won't hurt anything or anyone if it takes me ten years to finish.  Having let myself off the hook, I felt better and decided to do some prep work.  I selected the next 30 blocks I want to make and chose the fabrics.  Now I'm ready to cut the blocks when the urge hits me.

I feel so much better.

Hope you have a good day.


Impera_Magna said...

I, for one, am glad you are doing this challenge b/c it introduced me to the book... which I subsequently purchased. While I may not make all these blocks, the book is an excellent on to having on my quilting bookshelf and I know I'll be using it often!

I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines as you accomplish your goal!

Jay said...

I loved your blog today when I read it...and you made me laugh!! I can so relate to the "beating oneself up" that you were doing!! And also the "talking oneself down"...I do the same thing all the time! But at least we are doing something, right!!! Who cares how long it takes!

Kate said...

Wow, you are organized. It's good to take a break from things, just not a long one. You look all ready to go the next time we feel the urge to add another block to the 501 project.

Gretchen said...

The blog is looking very attractive today.

I will confess that I am feeling very unmotivated to work on my 120 blocks project. So much so that I have seriously considered changing the blog name. Part of my problem is I keep signing up for a BOM each year. Sigh.

Andrea said...

Good for you Pat! It's good that you know the difference between short and long term goals...and that you can reward yourself for doing the prep work that goes with a project like that! Those little steps will keep you on task, and make it easy for you to make progress when you do have the time! I really admire your tenacity! That is a quality that is seldom seen in our lives these we are all so busy getting it done NOW that we never have to practice sticking to something in order to win the prize!! You have inspired me today, and I will treat myself to some quilting time today too...after my housework gets done! I have a Dear Jane quilt in progress...(still) make me want to get back to it! I have really enjoyed your blog and all of your interesting info...thanks for taking the time to keep your site up and share your self with us! Where is all of that beautiful snow at? Your pics are Great! Have a great weekend!