Friday, March 9, 2012

Zentangle Challenge #61 " UMT v.II"

On the first Monday of the month, Laura Harms, the diva, gives us the challenge 'Use My Tangle' (UMT) and chooses a tangle for us, created by one of us.  This week's tangle is Golvin by Mariet of Studio ML.  The tangle should resemble waves.  I tried a number of times but mostly mine look like squished marshmallows or little tornadoes.  Only on the last one does it begin to resemble waves.   I think the general shape is close but the shading is a little off.  And of course, I always try to see 'what would happen if''.  I had fun drawing them.  That's what counts, right?  Each is drawn on my handmade paper.

To see other entries, visit I am the diva.

Hope you have a good day.


ledenzer said...

Monotangling the golven was genius! They are gorgeous!

Mariët said...

Love this, It's very creative!

Sue said...

It's great to see this versatile tangle used so originally! I love the randomness of the first; and the second one is a whole new way of looking at goven - I especially like the way you filled in the corners with golvens going the other way. All very cool!

shatril said...

Interesting tiles.