Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back from camp

This week I was able to go out to camp from Wednesday to Sunday.  What a relaxing time!  It was very warm (90's) Wed-Fri so I basically spent all three days reading in front of the fan.  I read 4 books and have started a 5th.  Now why is it that I can get so much reading done at camp and hardly ever at home?

Saturday, my DS, DIL and Little Girl came out to camp to continue building my new deck.  It was 4x8 before and in much need of repair, as you can see from last year's photos.

deck 2011 (4x8)

deck 2011 (4x8)

Now it's 8x8, so beautiful and safe.  They were unable to finish due to a late day thunderstorm but today I spent a wonderful day enjoying the deck as it is.

deck 2012 (8x8)

deck 2012 (8x8)

Before heading out to camp, I was able so sew another block for the 501 Project.


Hope you've had a great weekend.



Connie said...

Wonderful deck, you are going to enjoy the extra room. Great colors in your block!

sunny said...

What a wonderful few days. I wish I had someplace to run away to.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Great fun for you!!! Love your block, pretty colors!!

Carolyn :)

Gretchen said...

Love that block!