Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zendala Dare #10

Erin of The Bright Owl issued the first 'Zendala Dare' in April.  I didn't find out about it until last week.  Things were pretty busy and I wasn't able to join in until this week.  Below is this week's blank zendala to be used as our template.

This is what my entry looks like:

It seems a little busy to me but I just love doing zendalas, the repetitiveness of it.  To see other entries, check out Zendala Dare #10.  To read about the guidelines, visit Zendala Dare

The next set of quilt blocks for the 501 Project are made with 4 or 5 colors.  These aren't my normal color choices but they're coordinated based on the flowered fabric.

Scot's Plaid

Stepping Stones

Hope you have a good day.


Kate said...

The zentangle looks quite complicated. Great job!

Love the colors in your new set of 501 blocks. The blocks look like spring.

Genie said...

Awesome tile! I also really like your colour combination -- it's also not one of my usual combinations either. :)

Karen Lynn said...

Love your zendala, especially the outside border. It looks so complex and detailed. Very nice! Pretty quilting, too.

Amma said...

It does not look too busy to me!

Alice said...

haha! i know i came to look at zentangle stuff, but i love the stepping stones the best! lovely colos and i like all the little squares - i'd love to see what the finished project looks like!

oh! and your tile is interesting - it looks really 3-D! pretty cool!

Tinkered Art said...

What an intricate and detailed tile - nicely done - love it - fun to explore it.

ledenzer said...

The inside of the tile is fantastic but the outside is out of this world gorgeous with all its twist and turns! I am not sure how you kept it all straight!