Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's not so bad

Since I've gotten Bailey I've had to do my sewing in the livingroom instead of the kitchen.  And I've had to setup and breakdown each time.  It's taken a little while to get used to it and to get a system in place.  I've got it down to about 5 minutes.  A week or so ago, I put my name on the list for a two-bedroom apartment. I've debated back and forth for about a year now and have finally decided that I really do need a separate sewing room.  It may be awhile before I get one though since I have very definite requirements for location.

For the past few days, Bailey has been allowed in the livingroom and has done fairly well.  However, he may begin to think his name is Bailey No No.  He was especially helpful today as I sewed a knitting needle holder for myself.

I sewed four of my 501 Project blocks together, quilted and bound them.  I turned up the bottom edge and sewed slots for the needles and added the ties.  I had one of these holders years ago but somewhere along the way I lost it.  For quite awhile now I've kept my needles tossed in a drawer in the closet.  It's a pain because I have to take all of them out every time I'm looking for a particular size.  This is much more helpful.

knitting needle holder (the beginning)

knitting needle holder (the middle)

knitting needle holder (the end)

I also finished another pair of socks.  Purple, of course.  My favorite color.

Hope you had a good day.


Impera_Magna said...

What a great purpose for some of your 501 Quilt Blocks! Love your needle holder... and those are the way to go for knitting needles!

Great purple socks! (I love purple too!)

Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Great way to use up those blocks!

Have a very Happy New Year's!

sunny said...

What a great use for your blocks. Very pretty socks - I like purple too. Happy New Year!

The Slow Quilter said...

Love what you did with the blocks, and the socks are great, looks warm. I hop to take a kniting class soon.

Heike's quilts and socks said...

Your knitting needle purse is so wonderful. I like it. You did again a great job.
I wish you a Happy New Year.