Rode an elephant
Rode an Alpine Slide
Lived and worked on a horse farm
Raised donkeys
Raised pigs
Raised sheep
Raised chickens
Built a barn
Learned to spin yarn
Learned to weave
Learned to knit
Learned to crochet
Learned to sew
Learned to quilt
Played an harmonica
Got a degree in computer science through night school
Stayed at a dude ranch during round-up
Visited Niagara Falls
Lived in Puerto Rico
Lived in Arizona
Lived in Saskatchewan Canada
Owned a dog
Owned a cat
Took Karate - green belt
Sang in a choir
Learned to swim
Took country line dancing classes
Took French classes
Vacationed in Prince Edward Island
Visited Gettysburg 
Visited Washington DC
Rode on a train
Owned an older home
Owned a new home
Own a camp
Learned to water ski
Learned to horseback ride
Had a garden
Learned to can and freeze food
Learned to make paper
Learned to bind a book
Read the entire bible multiple times
Learned to grow houseplants
Laid a tile floor
Rode in paddleboat
Learned to paper piece
Learned to use quilt design software
Learned to use scrapbooking software
Learned to rollar skate
Learned to ice skate
Learned to do embroidery
Learned to do counted cross stitch
Learned to make hexies
Made an enculturation book
Learned to stencil
Learned to dye wool
Learned to felt wool
Had a fish aquarium
Learned to hand quilt
Learned to machine quilt
Been bitten by a monkey
Visited the Bronx Zoo
Visited the National Zoo
Visited the Philadelphia Zoo
Visited the Hampton Zoo
Visited Epcot 
Visited Disney World
Visited Kennedy Space Center
Visited Sea World
Took Spanish
Visited Busch Gardens
Ran a 5k
Camped in a tent
Camped in a camper
Owned a 28ft pontoon boat
Danced on a bar
Played golf
Drove cross country by myself
Been married
Been divorced
Worked in a knitting mill
Worked for electronics company
Worked for the governor's office
Worked for state agency
Was a computer programmer
Was system manager
Was Electronics Technician
Birthed  two children
Learned to bake bread
Was a Girl Scout
Taught 4-H cooking, sewing and arts and crafts
Learned sign language alphabet and some words
Learned to type correctly on a typewriter
Played softball
Played basketball
Performed a floor exercise routine to music
Lived in New Jersey
Lived in South Carolina
Lived in Colorado
Learned to do a one & a half gainer off the high dive
Learned to do a flip off the high dive
Learned to do a backdive
Learned to do a backflip
Worked in a hospital carrying hospital trays
Worked as a receptionist in a behavioral institution
Learned syncronized swimming
Lived through racial riots in my high school
Did a lot of babysitting growing up
Colored my own hair
Cut my own hair
Permed my own hair
Belonged to Take Off Pounds Sensibly group
Belonged to Weight Watchers
Visited Nebraska
Visited Kansas
Visited the Kazoo Company
Visited the Titanic Exhibit 
Visited the Boston Aquarium
Visited the Boston Science Museum
Gambled at a Casino in Nebraska
Drank a margarita
Smoked and drank
Visited Sante Fe, NM
Had a fake tattoo
Visited the WWI Memorial in Kansas
Visited the Science Museum in Kansas
Rode a bike on a tightwire
Went to Barnum & Bailey Circus
Climbed El Morro in NM
Got thrown off a calf in AZ
Visited Tuscon Az
Visited Phoenix Az
Learned to do the Electric Slide line dance
Made a memory quilt
Picked mangos, pineapples, guavas, breadfruit and papayas in Puerto Rico
Visited a sugar cane factory -climbed a mountain of sugar
Went to Girl Scout camp
Performed in a Karate Demonstration 
Entered quilts in Old Home Day and Fair events
Flown in a private plane
Flown in a large airplane
Ridden a shuttle bus
Ridden in taxi
Driven a motorcycle
Ridden a bicycle
Skated with in-line skates
Played volleyball
Played badminton
Played croquet
Baled hay
Tedded & raked hay field
Mucked stalls
Groomed and saddled horses
Lived in a place without running water - used the outhouse
Installed fencing
Learned to walk on my hands and do a handstand
Learned to do a cartwheel
Learned to do a split
Was a cheerleader
Learned to do the donkey jump
Performed in a cheerleading competition
Cooked holiday meals for family/extended family
Learned to downhill ski
Learned to cross-country ski
Ridden on a toboggan
Bought two new cars
Broke my wrist
Hiked up Mt. Kearsarge
Played and won at Bingo
Owned an inground swimming pool
Owned a 67 Ford Mustang 
Owned a Chevy Corvair
Owned an Oldsmobile
Owned a Buick Electra
Owned a number of Volvos
Owned a Toyota Corolla
Driven a plow truck
Driven a 4 wheel ATV
Ridden a snowmobile
Sewn a formal gown
Sewn a velvet jumper
Played an organ
Took piano lessons
Volunteered at the library
Learned to french braid hair
Been to a drive-in theatre
gave blood
Had braces to straighten teeth
Cut someone else's hair
Finished 500 piece puzzle
Had a massage
Had a facial
Had false nails
Got ears pierced
Been to Statler Brothers concert
Been to a Willie Nelson concert
Heard other singers in person - Waylon Jennings,  Brenda Lee, Macom &; Clancy, Kitty Wells, KD Lang and others (my memory fails me)
Jumped into a pool fully clothed
Learned to drive a stick shift
Made a scrapbook
Delivered a lamb
Saved a life
Watched a sunset on the beach
Had a sunburn
Had a wart
Gone deep sea fishing
Gone clamming
Eaten a lobster
Saw a dead stingray on the beach
Saw jellyfish on the beach
Collected starfish on the beach
Went to a prom
Took cake decorating classes
Taken walks in the rain
Walked in a March of Dimes marathon 18 miles
Driven a go-cart
Driven a golf cart
Walked through a corn maze
Picked and decorated a pumpkin
Tried eating vegetarian
Sung around a beach bonfire
Ridden a large roller coaster
Been skinny dipping
Made homemade ice cream
Planted trees, bushes and grapevines
Volunteered  at a soup kitchen
Made a terrarium
Started vegetables from seed
Rode a donkey
Played donkey basketball
Been to the top of the Empire State Building
Been to Chinatown
Been to Manhattan
Ridden the subway
Am debt-free
Had a backyard farm
Signed up to be an organ donor
Had my colors done
Wrote a will
Went on an archeological dig
Learned to play chess
Learned to do sodoku
Tried raw fish
Made homemade pasta
Took CPR

Of course, I got sidetracked by all of this and never got around to starting my new bucket list.  I guess I'll get around to that later.  Stay tuned.

What's on your bucket list?

Hope you have a good day.