Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No Compliments Please

I received such nice comments on the paper-pieced blocks I sewed the other day that I was feeling pretty smug about how well they went together and no mistakes in them.  Since then I've had nothing but trouble and the mistakes weren't noticed until the blocks were completed.  Grrrrrrr!  I ended up changing the blocks a little to repair rather than unsew a number of steps back.  I'm okay with it and if I don't tell you which blocks they are, you probably won't be able to pick them out.  I did manage to complete two without a problem.  Let's hope that means I'm back on a roll.

You can see that Bailey is really upset with sewing trials and tribulations.

I finished a pair of socks I started last week.

Hope you had a good day.


Gretchen said...

You're right! I can't tell. Still looks great to me.

Sheila said...

They all look great to me. Looks like you tired that poor little right out :)

Kate said...

The blocks look great, so you've covered your tracks well.

Sewing is such tiring work, looks like Baily found that out.

grandparentsplus2 said...

They are beautiful. And, thank you for saying you make a mistake now and then because it helps us beginners to realize we may not be the only one using a ripper. :)