Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This and That

It's been a shopping sort of day.  First, off to Joann's to take advantage of their Coupon Commotion.  I had four 50% off coupons.  I bought what fabric I needed to finish the wall hanging and extra for my stash, rotary blades, new quilting gloves and thread.

After that, I stopped in at Goodwill.  I don't like shopping for clothes and most of the time do it online but I felt the urge to shop and didn't want to pay a lot.  I bought four tops/blouses for layering, a necklace and two pairs of earrings, all for $24.  You can't beat that.

Then I headed to Walmart to pick up some hair color--the grays are starting to peak through.

If all that wasn't exciting enough, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to eliminate the odor coming from my garbage disposal.  It's been smelling quite fowl.  I never had the problem in my old apartment so this  cleaning thing is new to me.  I've tried a few of the suggestions listed on the internet.  We'll see if any of those solve the problem.

I'm especially happy to tell you that I LOVE my washing machine and dryer.  Not having my own for over 12 years, it's now a pleasant task to do my washing.  Especially my new fabric.

I didn't get to sewing in the sewing room yesterday.  I spent most of the day reading.  I did however sew some hexies.

Hope you had a good day.


Julierose said...

Are you going to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt with your hexies? I have been contemplating doing a wall hanging one--have you read "Hex-a-Go-Go"--fanTAStic ideas in there. That may contain my next hand project as I am w/o one--not good "busy hands=quiet mind" best Julierose

Corey said...

I would call maintenance about the disposal.

Marti said...

I didn't know about the JoAnns coupon commotion. I haven't gotten a flyer from them in ages. I need to re apply. I don't have a disposal so can't help you there, but I've heard to grind up a lemon. Did you try that one?

Heike's quilts and socks said...

Wonderful Hexies. I love them. And I like to sew them too.

Kate said...

Cute hexies. I remember buying our first house and getting the washer and dryer. It was like heaven to not have to go to the laundrymat to do the washing. I had to do that recently when the washer took out. It definitely reminded me of how much I like my at home set up.

thea said...

when my disposal gets bad I usually use some lemon, grapefruit, or orange peel that seems to help. i guess baking soda is probably a good thing too.

Sounds like a busy shopping day. I meant to swing by goodwill today, but got caught up making some things.