Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There's an app for that.

I'm going to start singing alto in my church choir instead of soprano but I don't read music.  I know how to go down when the notes go down and go up when they go up and soprano is usually the melody so I manage.  But I want to be able to do a better than that.  I can sing alto if someone sings the notes in my ear but......   Yesterday I went to the App Store and did a search for piano and found a couple of apps, one for free and one for .99, that allow for playing musical notes.  One of the apps tests knowledge of notes in a flash card sort of way.  So I went through a hymnal I bought recently and started marking up the alto notes of some of the hymns I know and pecking them out on the 'piano'.  It's exactly what I need.  And...one of the apps even allows recording so if I get to that point, I can sing along.  The apps are 'Piano Free' and 'Piano Notes'.  Very cool!

On the quilting front, I'm still quilting along.  I was originally quilting the flower design trying to wiggle varying size flowers into all those wierd areas.  But after some struggle, I decided to use vine type squiggles to get by those areas instead.  I'll have to go back to some of the areas already quilted to add some vines so it looks more uniform but I'm much happier with it now.  There isn't anything worse than being dissappointed part way through the quilting stage.  With luck, I'll finish the quilting today.  

Hope you have a good day.

-- Pat

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Kate said...

It's amazing what you can do with apps these days. Good luck with your quilting, it looks like you are making good progress.