Friday, August 19, 2016

Quilt of the Week

As I was reading my previous blog posts, I was reminded of quilts I gave away, as well as those I still have. I always have a quilt on the back of the couch (just in case I want a quick nap). Most of the time it's one of two quilts but I was thinking about the other quilts hiding away in the closet. I don't really have a lot of space to enjoy them. So I've decided I'm going to have a 'Quilt of the Week' display on the back of the couch. This will get them out of the closet so I can enjoy them plus give them a wash and re-folding. The quilt this week is my Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I've been in a hexie frame of mind in the evenings while watching tv. Here are some I've completed. I also have quite a few left over from a number of hexie quilts and projects. I'm thinking I may start another Grandmother's Flower Garden.

On another topic....I've been receiving error emails regarding comments I've left on various blogs. The message basically says that Google doesn't recognize my Yahoo email address. It looks like my comments are being posted so I'm assuming the blog owner is not receiving a notification email. The emails I'm receiving suggest I contact the Yahoo Mail Administrator. I didn't want to go through all that trouble so I created a gmail address. Everything in my life is connected to my Yahoo email address and it would be a nightmare to change that. The gmail address is strictly for blogging. I'm not sure if this will resolve the problem. If, by chance you do get an email and notice that I come up as a 'no reply' blogger, please let me know. I love getting comments on my blog and always try to respond to each one. I feel bad when I'm unable to respond due to the 'no reply' blogger issue.

Enjoy your weekend.

-- Pat

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Sheila said...

What a great idea to change your quilts weekly. I have started a small hexie wall hanging, but have yet to complete it. It needs a little embroidery added. The hexie were fun to make!

Sheila said...

I just got the "no reply" email, but my comment shows up? I don't understand it?

Barb said...

What a wonderful way to display your quilts and get to enjoy them as well.

sunny said...

Great idea for displaying your quilts! And congrats on finishing a GFG. I've been working on mine for several years, and the end is NOT in sight. I have a few people who post on my blog but I don't get an email. They're either Hotmail or Yahoo addresses. But I do see the comments on the blog. Hope everything works out for you.

Sheila said...

Hope you are having a great weekend. Sunny and in the mid eighties here in the Finger Lakes!

newenglandgardenandthread said...

That's a great way to show off your wonderful quilts. Technology is a wonderful thing when it works but when it doesn't not so much. :-)